For Startups

In Plibone, as a Startup Studio we build ventures based on our own ideas. But that's not all. We actively search and invest in promising ideas, startups and bussinesses

We are not a Venture Capital. In fact, we are much more than any VC on the market. You may think of us as a "Smart Money" taken to the edge. Yes, we invest money, but that's just a tip of an iceberg. We actively help build products, verify ideas on the market and in the end - we help turn them into profitable bussinesses. And last, but not least - we make bussinesses international.

By cooperating with Plibone, you will have access to our unique experience, our teams, our tools and our network. You will no longer have to worry about recruting the right people, finding the office space, doing market research or making anyone buy your products or services. Read more and check what you can get and what we are looking for!

Pssst! Are you an experienced developer with (nearly) ready project, but have no idea how to deal with sales, marketing, finance, people and so on? You're in the right place. Submit your project using the form below. We will take care on all bussiness related tasks, so you can focus on what you are the best at - developing your product.

What can you get?

  • Equity investment
  • Co-investment opportunities
  • Access to fully equipped office space
  • Access to great teams with expertise in:
    • Software development
    • IT operations
    • Graphic design
    • Website development
    • Copywriting and content strategy
    • Marketing
    • Online advertising
    • Multilingual customer care
    • Administration
  • Access to our network of partners, people and customers in more than 30 countries
  • Legal and incorporation advice
  • International expansion advisory
  • Access to in-house marketing and growth hacking software
  • Access to useful software and tools, including advanced web analytics, project management and productivity tools
  • Access to know-how regarding running successfull global business
  • Unique experience in startup building, scaling and monetizing

What do we invest in?

1. Early stage startups especially in the following areas

Marketing & advertising




Mobile apps


Customer’s success



Web portals and other content providers

2. Already operating local businesses with large international expansion possiblities, such as


Digital goods (software, ebooks, audiobooks etc)

Advertising networks



3. Internet bussinesses with selling ads as primary income source, such as

Web portals

Content websites

Social networks

Submit your project if you are

  • Flexible and adaptive to changes
  • Entrepreneurial and resourceful
  • Open-minded and thinking outside of the box
  • Fast decision maker
  • Showing initiative
  • Able to imprudently manage time and projects
  • Willing to commit to your project